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The cougar hunting season starts November 15th and runs through to February 15th.  Our best snow conditions for hunting cougar is usually December and January and some years the first part of February.  We also offer a combination cougar, bobcat, lynx hunt.  The best time for this hunt is December through to mid January.

We have an excellent cougar hunting area.  Our area borders next to the Pasayten Wilderness and manning park, both have no hunting.  This means that we have a steady supply of large older toms feeding into our guide territory.  The average weight of a mature tom is a 150 pounds and the odd cat weighing as much as 200 pounds.  We harvest from six to eight cats each season and usually one or two will make the Boone & Crockett record book.

The accommodations are at my lodge; we start from there each day and return home each night.  The morning begins by loading the dogs and the snowmobiles on the truck.  We then travel to one of the many logging roads where we start snowmobiling looking for cougar tracks.  The normal tradition is for the hunter to wait with the truck while we run roads looking for tracks. When a track is found and is considered to be a mature tom we will start the dogs on the track.  Treeing the cat can take all day or maybe just a few minutes depending on how far the cat has travelled.  Once the cat is treed one of us guides will hike to the tree and see what kind it is.  If we are satisfied with the maturity and the sex of the cougar the rest of us will then hike in for the kill.

We are offering 45 years of experience at hunting cougar, bobcat, and lynx with our own specially trained dogs.  If you are thinking about a cougar hunt or Combination hunt, try our outfit and what we have to offer.


Guide and Outfitter: Darrell Schneider

Box 1529

Princeton, BC V0X 1W0